MLH Official - Fall 2015

HackDuke is about

Collaboration, not competition
HackDuke is not just about building meaningful projects. It's also an open forum to discuss, share and bring to life ideas that aim to make a positive impact on social issues. Look forward to working with experts from non-profits and coding alongside mentors from tech companies!
Exploring the intersection between technology and social good
HackDuke welcomes anyone who has passion. If you don’t know how to code, fret not! We are open to people of all majors who are interested in how technology can be used to promote social change.
Giving back
HackDuke encourages students to venture beyond the classroom. Learn how your skills can be used to make a difference other people’s lives.


How can I help? I want to volunteer!

If you're a Duke student and you want to help out day of, please fill out this form! If you aren't, please put your email in the netID section. You'll get a free hack kitty t-shirt. :D


Yes, but there's a little twist! The grand prizes are donations under your name to charities and causes! There will be grand prize winners for each track, novice track and many other company sponsored API prizes as well. Check the prizes page for more info!

This is my first time at a hackathon/This is my first time learning to code. Can I still come?

Of course! We have a specific room and track for novice programmers and first-time hackers and software engineers from all kinds of companies to give you one-on-one mentorship. (:

Also, if you go to Duke, UNC or NCState, look out for our education week. We'll be holding crash courses on web dev, iOS and Android dev as well as hardware!

What are the tracks of impact?

The tracks of impact are:

  1. Inequality
  2. Energy & The Environment
  3. Health & Wellness
  4. Education

We ask all the hackers to try and create hacks that address the following tracks above. If you need ideas or inspiration, check HackKitty's blog!

How do I get in touch?

Contact us at [email protected].


Anyone from across the nation is welcome to come! We will be providing buses for certain universities.

For those who are not coming by a bus that we provide, a maximum of $200 will be reimbursed. We will be sending out the forms necessary for this reimbursement to expedite the process, so if you're coming, check your email!

Who can participate?

You can participate as long as you're a student (undergraduate or graduate)! If you're a new grad, we'd love to have you too.

If you want to be a mentor, see here!

Anything I should remember to bring?

Bring your own ethernet cables (or you can just WiFi) and bring any Nerf gun arsenal you have!

What can I make?

We welcome all software and hardware hacks that align to our tracks for impact. We will also have lab space for hardware hackers.

Who can I work with?

Anyone! Get to know your fellow programmers better from your own and other schools!

The only request that we have is that you make a new friend by talking to each other, our mentors and our experts!

When? Where?

HackDuke is on Saturday, November 7th to Sunday, November 8th. It is hosted on Duke University's West Campus, CIEMAS. More information about travel and parking can be found here.

How can I become a sponsor?

Email us at [email protected].

How big can teams be? Can I come without a team?

Teams presenting at the event can have up to 5 members. Hackers are encouraged to come regardless if they have a team or idea - meeting other hackers from other schools is part of the fun, and team formation will be facilitated at the beginning of the event.


This sounds awesome! I want to