We are a tech organization that brings together a multidisciplinary community at Duke to further social good. Sound interesting?
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We believe in fostering an internal, university, and local tech community that celebrates collaboration, diversity, and social impact.
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With our diverse skillsets and interests, we create extraordinary things that inspire others to create something cool. Let’s build!
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Social Good
It’s not just about meaningful projects. We love to discuss, share, and bring to life ideas that aim to make a positive impact on social issues.
Who are we?
We are a diverse community of Duke students united by our love of building and using tech for social good. We are split into 6 teams: Tech, Design, Logistics, Outreach, Sponsorship, and Marketing.
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What do we do?
We work to promote technology and computer science engagement on campus. The HackDuke team organizes events, including our flagship hackathon Code for Good. Our HackDuke Dev initiative focuses on developing apps and services to make campus life better.
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Why HackDuke?

Each year, our events brings in participants to craft solutions for social impact. We provide the educational resources, inspirational speakers, and mentorship to let others explore and innovate. Our multidisciplinary team also works on our HackDuke Dev project development initiatives.

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